Friendly educational wizard tablet games for kids to create new ones.

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We know how important children are in our lives and how important it is to develop their creativity. Games can help, because they encourage children to take part in creative activities, and expand on ideas and questions using innovation and imagination, which is good for children when they grow up. Time spent with your child is also a great opportunity to learn through inspiring play. This is why we have created BoardCraft, a game that facilitates the development of creativity among children.
How does BoardCraft Games work?
It is very simple.
Check it out!
Take a photo, draw a picture or choose from pre-designed graphics. Just be creative and use what is around you. Your only limit is your imagination.
Draw a path with your finger on the screen.
Add special fields and have fun with it!
Now, all you have to do is compete and win the game.
Education and Creativity Play is a great way to develop skills children need to write, read and count. Helps with communication and develops speech and language abilities. Stimulates child’s imagination and creativity.
Physical Development To grow and develop, children need time and attention from someone who is happy to play with them. Games has a positive influence on children's physical development and maintain health.
Social skills development Through play, children learn about the world around them, their environment and what is important – about themselves. Games learn how to be a part of society, a group leader, how to negotiate, manage disagreements in a socially acceptable manner.
Cognitive development Play is extremely helpful when it comes to cognitive development and thanks to games, children are learning from experience and predicting. Games can help to gain more sophisticated level of interaction with others.
By providing unlimited opportunities, BoardCraft will surely not make children bored. Soon, the game will be enhanced with educational mini-games adjusted to a child’s age, allowing you to combine fun with education.
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We hope you both have fun playing BoardCraft.
Just be original and creative.